Experts Speak On Suicide And The Economy

Read what noted national experts have to say about the connection between business, finance, depression and suicide.

"Financial crises that affect individuals certainly can act as triggering factors for suicide attempts."

David Litts, Associate Director of Prevention Practice,
Suicide Prevention Resource Center

"Any time there is a significant life stress that threatens the everyday functioning of an individual and their ability to cope there is always an increase in the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior."

Dr. Lanny Berman, Executive Director,
American Association of Suicidology

“Sometimes it takes years for the effect of economic downturn or instability to trickle down to the level of the psyche or penetrate the psyche, to get under the skin to produce some of the negative outcomes such as suicides.”

Dr. John L. McIntosh, Psychologist and Suicide Expert,
Indiana University Economic Factor In Suicide Rate