Programs And Services

The following programs and services are available to you through funding from the New York State Office of Mental Health to increase your business’s ability to identify and respond to those staff and employees who are in crisis or going through a difficult time.

Needs Analysis/Site Evaluation Meeting

On-site consultation discussing your business’s current level of effectiveness in responding to crises, challenges you and your staff face, possible approaches to improving your overall prevention strategy.

Individually Tailored Site Consultations

Consultant with 30 years experience in effective communications, program development, policy design, implementation and crisis response planning can provide technical support to address your company’s needs.

Development of Site-Specific Materials

Crisis response staff with 30 years of public service and commercial marketing experience can provide assistance in the design and development of print and web-based education, information and resource materials (including information cards, resource sheets, brochures, employee wellness e-campaigns, etc.).

Assistance from Noted Experts

Assistance in securing noted experts in crisis-related fields that you feel will be most helpful—including psychologists, epidemiologists, resource specialists and experts with knowledge of ethical and legal issues, substance abuse, depression, post-traumatic stress, etc.

Crisis Response/Suicide Prevention Training

NYS Certified half-day or two-day on-site training programs that will provide your key personnel with a comprehensive understanding of effective suicide prevention practices in the workplace.

Resource Development and Site Readiness

Technical support to assist business management and supervisory staff in the development of site-specific policies and procedures, inter-office communications, postvention policies and available resources.

Lunch Seminar/Event Planning

Assistance in the development of lunch or after work events (brown bags, seminars, etc.) tied to a positive theme or with an interesting speaker to make these prevention and wellness issues more palatable and accessible to your staff and to get the word out that these issues are important and impact everyone.

Information Updates and Resources

Your department/company and/or staff can receive our monthly e-magazine that provides current information, news and research links, listings of resources, seminars and events of interest.

For more information or to arrange crisis response training, education and technical services through the NYS Office of Mental Health Corporate Suicide Prevention Education Project, contact:

Corporate Education
The Samaritans of New York
(212) 677-3009